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The Circle of Angels Initiative, Inc. is proud to be the lead on Today’s Workforce Initiative.

Today’s Workforce Initiative (TWI) is an important initiative to close the job skills gap and manage the talent pipeline to ensure skills match employment opportunities. We have many government and community partners and will roll out the program in a few weeks.

Thank you for your support!                                               Roseanna Vogt, Director, February 4, 2016





The Circle is the convenor/facilitator for the Daughters of Abraham of Southern Maryland, a group of women from the three Abrahamic faiths who come together to learn, encourage, and build solidarity in our community by sharing what is the same and what are the differences in our varying beliefs.


WWII WWII poster imageUSO Remembrance Honoring all who serve in uniform and home front heroes and heroiness is held annually on the first Friday of August from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the Gazebo on the Riverwalk in Solomon Island, MD. The Circle is excited to host this musical history event which salutes those who trained at the top secret amphibious training base in Solomons, the “cradle of invasion.” It is held on the first Friday of August because that is the day of the first invasion in the Pacific Ocean which was ironically in the Solomon Islands in the Pacific on August 7, 1942. The event is to honor those who served then and at any time, as well as those currently serving in the armed forces, and share with people, especially young people, history of the WWII era and a time of desperation overcome with guts and resilience and by pulling together.

             For more information, email Roseanna Vogt, director@circleofangels.org                                                                                                  or call 301-778-3848!


The Circle participates in TRUST, formerly known as Southern Maryland Action Coalition (S.M.A.C.), a faith-based coalition.  It is one aspect of the Circle’s local, regional, and global efforts to create harmony among the different faith communities  and to actively promote conflict resolution along with solutions in education, entrepreneurship, employment, work force housing, and other timely issues.

Our voice only becomes stronger as more people become involved.

FORECLOSURE SURVEY: The survey answers are important to us:
Please send a completed copy of the survey to: director@circleofangels.org


The Circle of Angels Initiative, Inc. is all about relationship, resilience, results.  We are a faith-based community initiative.  We work in policy and advocacy to eliminate poverty and prevent risky behaviors.  For the Circle, risky behaviors include chemical addiction, bullying, domestic violence, and self-destructive behaviors.

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Our Mission…
“We befriend the lost, bring our strengths to initiatives, promote solutions, work to empower people, mentor in community initiatives and entrepreneurship and always ROAR (Resources Or Aid Referral).”
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Circle of Angels Initiative, Inc
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