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Who we are… The Circle of Angels Initiative, Inc
. is a charitable, faith based community initiative formally incorporated in 1999, the last year of the last century.  It is committed to public service in policy and advocacy for innovative approaches to empowering people.  Our mission is to eliminate poverty.  An important prong of our mission is the prevention of risky behaviors.

What we do… The Circle of Angels works to accomplish its mission through community organizing, improved legislative responses to community needs, the promotion of mentoring, and connecting and networking with others.

Why Support the Circle? The Circle of Angels is a member and sponsor of many collaborations and community organizations.  Beginning even before it formally incorporated, the Circle has worked hard on initiatives in affordable housing, foreclosure defense, entrepreneurship, job creation, mentoring programs, preventive measures in domestic violence, bullying, chemical addiction, and other self-destructive behavior.  We are finally celebrating success in our many initiatives, in legislation on housing and domestic violence issues and in protocol used by law enforcement and health professionals for the prevention of risky behaviors.  The Circle’s role was essential in the effective development and promotion of several initiatives. Your support is tax-deductible because of our 501(c)(3) status.

Our Mission… “We befriend the lost, bring our strengths to initiatives, promote solutions, work to empower people, mentor in community initiatives and entrepreneurship and always ROAR (Resources Or Aid Referral).”

Beliefs… When we grasp hands as friends in a never ending circle, we become strong as angels and, as angels, we expect and live miracles.

Issues… Poverty elimination; prevention of risky behaviors which for the Circle include chemical addiction, bullying, domestic violence and self destructive behaviors.

The Circle of Angels is a vital part of collaborative initiatives.  We are proud that there is a library in Zambia because of our presence in the world.  The library was founded by women from Zambia who came to our area through the effort of local organizations.  The Circle acted as one of their mentors by teaching them the skill of community organizing.  We later provided books and computers for the library as well as encouragement in our role as mentor.  The library was founded five years after their visit in 2001.

The Circle of Angels is
creating a handbook for the Daughters of Abraham Luke 13:10-17, a Bible Study for women who are victims of domestic violence.

The Circle of Angels is
advocating for the creation of groups like the Daughters of Abraham of Southern Maryland, a grass roots interfaith group of women created to promote understanding among women from the Abrahamic faiths, in response to 9/11.

Initiatives shaped by the Circle of Angels:

Tomorrow’s Workforce Initiative (TWI)

TWI is an initiative with many collaborative government agency and community partners.

Mutual Aid Housing

Mutual Aid Housing is a program created by the Circle of Angels.

To empower people and to help them work their way out of poverty, the Circle of Angels is:

At the forefront in initiatives to provide financing for individuals and families vulnerable because of physical or mental disability or illness.
Coaching single mothers and families at risk because of family issues, physical or mental disability or illness to acquire and/or remain in their own homes.
Advocating for legislation in foreclosure defense.

People are still in their homes today because of the Circle of Angels.  We were early advocates in housing policy and foreclosure defense.  Although the Circle is proactive, a solution for homeowners who are in urgent danger of foreclosure must be reached immediately.  Right now the Circle is hammering out a strategy to force attention to the crisis.  The tragedy and disruption to the lives of good people, especially the most vulnerable among us, is breathtaking.  With almost 50 million foreclosures, the families the Circle has helped represent little drops in the tsumani.  The Circle is hitting hard to get all the parties to the table to work together on the overwhelming housing foreclosure defense issue.

Web for All

Web for All is a program created by the Circle of Angels to help nonprofit organizations market themselves in this digital age.  The Circle realizes that today nonprofits need a digital presence in order to be effective.  The public has told the Circle of Angels that they are unaware of community services available to them.  The Circle believes Web for All will address the need for connecting the public to the many outstanding services nonprofits provide.

Domestic Violence Advocacy
Advocating for legislation to improve community responses to the needs of those caught in a cycle of domestic violence.

Advocating to empower people and organizations to change and improve protocol in prevention:

The Lethality Assessment Program – Maryland Model (LAP)

Around the year 2000, the Circle began its participation in the Lethality Assessment Program – Maryland Model, (LAP), a research-based, proven successful tool now used by law enforcement in domestic cases.  After 25 years of research at Johns Hopkins University the tool was initially created.  In the early stages, the Circle advocated for field testing of the tool by those who would use it.  After field testing was completed in 2005, Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV) became lead organization for implementation and training in the tool.  The Circle advocated for LAP along with MNADV, the Maryland Commission for Women, and many other organizations.  In 2007, LAP became part of the protocol used by law enforcement in all 23 Maryland counties.  We continue to promote its use in law enforcement in jurisdictions outside of Maryland.  As part of the collaborative, the Circle continues to advocate for field testing and improvements to increase its effectiveness so that the LAP Model tool can be extended in its use to clergy, hospitals, and other groups.  The Circle is also working on the creation of a LAP advocate position in state’s attorney’s offices.

The Circle is of one of Founding hosts for:
Women Moving Forward Conference, a behind bars conference at Jessup Women’s Prison
Calvert County Mentoring Partnership (CCMP) Mentoring Rally
CCMP Job Shadow Day for 7th and 8th  graders to shadow local businesses                                               Women of the World (WOW) Luncheon

The Circle of Angels hosted Preventing Risky Behaviors in our Community at the beginning of this century, in the year 2000, under a grant funded by Calvert Substance Abuse Services.  At that conference a need for mentoring was identified.  In 2004, we were a founding partner of the Calvert County Mentoring Partnership.

The Circle is a founding member of
TRUST, formerly Southern Maryland Action Coalition (S.M.A.C.)
Calvert County Mentoring Partnership (CCMP), 2011 co-chair of CCMP
Calvert’s Promise (America’s Promise 100 Best Communities for Youth)

The Circle of Angels was part of the coalition called Calvert’s Promise which in 2010, 2011, and 2012, the last threes years it was awarded, won for Calvert County the coveted 100 Best Communities for Youth award from the national organization, America’s Promise.

Among its many partners, the Circle collaborates and cooperates with

Maryland Children’s Advocacy Network (CAN)
Partnership to End Childhood Hunger in Maryland
Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence
Maryland Asset Building and Community Development (ABCD) Network
Calvert County Interagency for Families and Children
Minority Business Alliance of Calvert County
Calvert Collaborative for Children and Youth, Inc.
United Way of Calvert County community impact council for financial literacy
United Way of Calvert County community impact council for youth engagement.
Calvert County Juvenile Drug Court

The Circle of Angels hosts the signature Remembering WWII events.  Our objective is to be among the first to commemorate WWII and thereby shape its remembrance.  It is the primary objective of Remembering WWII to create:
***mentoring opportunities,
***opportunities to honor our veterans, to provide support to our military, and to let them know that people care;
***networking opportunities for veterans, community service providers, and the public;
***the chance for people to participate in positive, encouraging, and educational activities;
***a rise in youth participation;
***opportunity for youth to participate in an activity that will increase their confidence, sense of self-worth, and sense of worth to the community;
***opportunity to pursue victory in the fields of poverty elimination and the prevention of risky behaviors.

Some of our Global Missions…

Zambia: preparing container of books/farm equipment; we will visit Pastor Esther and her soup kitchen for widows and orphans and will bring the purity message. We will also interview applicants for mentoring in entrepreneurship and community initiatives.  By cooperating with other organizations we have already sent computers, clothing, and other items as well as a farming expert to teach environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Liberia: preparing container of items for orphanage; we will go to Elwuo Orphanage and bring the purity message. We will also interview applicants for mentoring in entrepreneurship and community initiatives.

Our Mission…
“We befriend the lost, bring our strengths to initiatives, promote solutions, work to empower people, mentor in community initiatives and entrepreneurship and always ROAR (Resources Or Aid Referral).”
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