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Community Center Host Site of “Fun Funky Family Fair”

August 26, 2015

Northeast Community CenterThe “Beaches Together for Youth Collaborative” held their third  annual “Fun Funky Family Fair” on Wednesday, Aug. 28, 2013 at the Northeast Community Center in Chesapeake Beach, Maryland.

This fair featured a wide variety of organizations with activities for youth and their families in the Twin Beaches and surrounding area that are now accepting new members.

At this fair, families explored all the opportunities they have in ONE place at ONE time!

In addition to organizations having information booths, in 2013, there were also presentations, so families can see just what the organizations do. For example, Kuk Sool Won of Dunkirk did a karate demonstration, Abigail Francisco School of Classical Ballet performed a dance, and Twin Beach Players recreated an act from their Kids Playwriting Festival.

Other participating organizations include: Bayside History Museum, Bio Fitness Aerobics, Boy Scout Troop 429, Calvert Collaborative for Children and Youth, Calvert County Library, Calvert County Mentoring Partnership, Change Club, Chesapeake Beach Railway Museum, Chesapeake Wilderness Training, Circle of Angels Initiative, Family Encouragement Coaching Network, Girl Scouts, Kids Building Selves, Music Teachers Association of Greater Calvert, Prime Time Children and Youth Activity Center, Tri-County Youth Services Bureau, Yoga for Youth Wellness, Young Marines and more. Admission to the fair is always FREE. For more information call the Northeast Community Center at (410) 257-2554.

The Circle of Angels Aims to Help All


The Bob Hope Road Show

Published: Friday, September 7, 2012
‘Bob Hope’ to visit the fairgrounds this weekend

Staff writer

A local organization is offering Calvert residents a trip down memory lane this Saturday with a 1940s radio show recreation featuring the legendary “Bob Hope.”

The Circle of Angels Initiative Inc. is hosting “The Salute Fair at the Cradle of Invasion: Passing the Torch to the Next Generation: WWII Remembered” at the Calvert County Fairgrounds in Prince Frederick on Saturday.

The performance will be “The Bob Hope Road Show,” performed by the Fresno, Calif., Phoenix Producers Group with actor Lynn Roberts playing Hope and other special guests Jimmy Durante, Jack Benny and Red Skelton.

The free show will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the road show skits lasting 30 minutes each.

Chuck Carson, the senior producer of the Phoenix Producers Group, said this was his organization’s first time performing in Calvert County and second time performing in Maryland, as they had a show in Cumberland once.

“Everybody is truly amazed at how well we recreate a 1940s radio program,” said Carson, who explained he acts as the show’s announcer in between acts.

The acts, he said, include the comedic monologues “that Hope was famous for,” some music and routines from Durante, Benny and Skelton.

The show also features recreations of 1940s commercials for products like Johnson’s Wax, Campbell’s tomato soup, Pepsi Cola and Chiquita bananas.

Carson said Hope closes every show “the way they did it in the old days.”

After the shows, Carson said, he and Roberts like to stick around and meet the audience and often get asked, “Where’s the actor who played Jack Benny or Jimmy Durante?”

“He changes persona that quickly,” Carson said of Roberts.

Carson said the show has something to offer both the old and younger members of the audience.

For older generations, especially those who might have served in the military overseas and saw one of Hope’s performances, Carson said “it brings back vivid memories.

“… A lot of times you see the audience singing some of the jingles,” Carson said.

For the younger generations who may attend with their parents or grandparents, Carson said “they get to experience what their grandparents experienced. … A lot of these guys became very famous from radio.”

A press release from the Circle of Angels said the show is being “held to honor those who serve in uniform, particularly in the WWII era.

“We believe that era is important to tell our youth about because the folks who lived through that time are living examples of resiliency,” the press release said.

Circle of Angels founder Roseanna Vogt said the organization had a similar event last year at the fairgrounds.

“It was a lot of fun,” she said.

The public is also invited to bring World War II memorabilia or dress in costume from that era.

Circle of Angels is described on the organization’s website as working to accomplish its goal to eliminate poverty and empower people through community organizing, improved legislative responses to community needs, the promotion of mentoring and connecting and networking with others.

Carson said through reaching out to veterans and those currently serving, Circle of Angels “is keeping that spirit alive.”

The Bob Hope Road Show

The Bob Hope Road Show

St. Francis of Assisi Cat Rescue Inc

Dozens of cats left homeless An eviction of a home with a private cat sanctuary, carried out by the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, has left at least 46 cats without a home.   The sanctuary, St. Francis of Assisi Cat Sanctuary Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on Back Creek Road in Dowell, was started 14 years ago when Jean Michaud first moved to the property. But a recent foreclosure on her home, which she and those trying to help her have called illegal as a result of banks signing forged documents, finally resulted in a court-ordered eviction Wednesdsay morning, despite several attempts to issue a stay of eviction and a federal civil lawsuit she has brought against the banks.   “They’re rounding up the cats and the cats are screaming,” said Roseanna Vogt of Circle of Angels Inc., an organization that fights illegal foreclosures against older and disabled individuals. She has worked closely with Michaud for months now and called Wednesday’s eviction “illegal.”

Article:  Dozens of cats left homeless
Date: July 15,2011
Via:  Calvert Recorder

Eviction could leave cats homeless An eviction case has many local officials concerned about what will happen to a cat sanctuary kept on a Dowell woman’s property after she is removed from the home.   Jean Michaud has been fighting to stay in her home for more than a year now, battling what she calls an illegal foreclosure case that she says came about as a result of banks signing forged documents, filing for bankruptcy to issue a stay of eviction and now bringing a federal civil lawsuit against the banks. On Monday, yet another eviction attempt was scheduled, but another bankruptcy filing put an end to it. However, Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans maintains the eviction will eventually occur, and that leaves the sheriff’s office and its animal control unit in a serious predicament. Michaud said she believes she has about 200 cats now in her privately-owned 501(c)(3) nonprofit sanctuary, living both indoors and outdoors on her waterfront property. She started the sanctuary 14 years ago when she moved in but has been caring for abandoned cats for 40 years, she said, taking in cats that are abused, blind or crippled, spaying and neutering them and ear-tipping them.

Article: Eviction could leave cats homeless
Date: June 8,2011
Via: Calvert Recorder

Future uncertain for 80 cats because of foreclosure SOLOMONS ISLAND, Md. (WUSA) —  Pumpkin, an orange cat, circles around Jean Michaud’s legs. The orange cat is one of about 80 cats living in a shed next to Michaud’s foreclosed house. “These guys are my guys and I’ve been taking care of them for years and years. And I’m devastated.” Michaud is fighting to keep her house that has been sold as a foreclosure. The legal battle has forced her family to file for bankruptcy, she says. Roseanne Vogt from Circle of Angels Initiative, a faith-based community group, is helping Michaud and her husband. Vogt says Michaud and her husband had to close their business and thus faced a smaller income. In the process of trying to get their house loans modified, the house was foreclosed, she says.

Article: Future uncertain for 80 cats because of foreclosure
Date: June 6,2011
Video: Future Uncertain For 80 Cats Because Of Foreclosure
Via: WUSA Channel 9 News

Working to keep people in their homes

More and more foreclosure cases began to rise to the forefront of media attention starting last fall when it became apparent that some loan companies have not been following proper procedures in executing civil foreclosures on homeowners who defaulted on their mortgage loans due to non-payment.

Suddenly new terms like “illegal foreclosures” and “robo signers” were cropping up in news headlines, and more policy and advocacy groups have taken notice. Faith-based organization Circle of Angels Initiative, based in Friendship, recently developed a public policy initiative called Mutual Aid Housing to help with this growing problem.

While Mutual Aid Housing has other focuses to help people work their way out of poverty, one of its main objectives is advocating for legislation in foreclosure defense, according to the group’s website, With 11 million foreclosures in the works and 44 million anticipated, the Circle is taking a nationwide approach to bring all the involved parties to the table and work together on a solution…. read on!


Commemorate WWII

Inspirational speakers, games and 1940s memorabilia await the local community at this year’s World War II Day event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, May 14, at the Calvert County Fairgrounds.

The event, sponsored for the first time by Circle of Angels Initiative Inc., a faith-based group committed to public service in policy and advocacy to eliminate poverty and prevent risky behaviors, coincides with Circle of Angels’ WWII USO Remembrance Night, which takes place in August at Solomons Island. It continues the tradition of the Calvert Marine Museum, which formerly hosted the Cradle of Invasion, to honor those who served in the WWII era. Circle of Angels also wishes to honor, through this year’s WWII Day, all of those who have served or are currently serving in the armed forces.

During the day, which is free for anyone who wishes to attend, Circle of Angels will introduce and observe the “Moment,” a new tradition, established by the U.S. government, of renewing the values upon which the nation was founded, commitment to service and pledging to honor America’s fallen soldiers. Citizens will be asked to pause, wherever they are, at 3 p.m. on Memorial Day, for the Moment and reflect on the sacrifices made for their freedoms. At WWII Day, activities will halt at 3 p.m. for observance.

“We’re going to have 1940s-style entertainment,” said Cheri Reulet, development coordinator with the Circle, including a drill, displays, music and a variety of other activities, and members of New Directions Theatre will be in period costume throughout the day.

The morning begins with a wreath-laying ceremony, a WWII-themed electronic gaming competition sponsored by Play N Trade of Lusby and a field training battle drill. In addition, there will be booths with resources for veterans and their families, food from local vendors and a panel of veterans and homefront heroes and heroines to tell their stories, which will be recorded for the Library of Congress Veterans Living History Project… read on!

via: The Recorder

Celebrate National Mentoring Month

It’s been asserted by many child experts, educators, and a former First Lady, that it takes a whole village to raise a child.

Our current fractured — and sometimes fractious — lifestyles don’t usually provide for that kind of community attention to the average child’s upbringing. Yet any positive, individual attention from an adult in a kid’s formative years can make a huge difference in whether that kid will have a successful, constructive life when he or she grows up.

Many of us can remember a time in our lives when an adult saw our potential and offered support and guidance. I, like many others, can remember a teacher who believed in me, but it could be anyone inside or outside of the child’s family; a teacher, a clergy member, a relative or family friend.

But this type of encouragement shouldn’t be left to chance; kids grow up fast, and there’s all the usual suspects — the bad influences out there, waiting to step in to snare the vulnerable.  Fortunately, there is organized help available to put supportive adults and kids together in a mentoring relationship

A couple of Sundays ago, the Greater Mount Zion Church in Prince Frederick was the scene of an enthusiastic and energetic rally of county officials, child welfare organizations and just plain folks, who believe that every kid deserves to have a mentor who can improve the transition to adult life….. read on!


Rally supporting Calvert’s Youth

Young people have more time away from their parents, more access to peer and cultural influences and less community cohesion to help steer them through the rough seas of adolescence than ever before. Where church and multigenerational family life, structured farm seasons and intimate neighborhoods once worked together to help young people grow into adulthood, today’s youth often lack those “asset building” relationships. The Calvert County Mentoring Partnership is working to build youth and families up, where life’s challenges present themselves.

On Jan. 23, the Calvert County Mentoring Partnership hosted its sixth annual National Mentoring Month Rally to draw attention to the needs of Calvert County youth and the opportunities available to adults interested in investing their lives in the next generation.

Roseanna Vogt, CCMP co-chairwoman and Circle of Angels director, said the annual rally, previously held as a breakfast, generally attracts between 75 and 100 attendees. This year, the free chili dinner occurred during NFL playoffs.

“We weren’t even thinking [about the potential schedule conflict]. This was our first year serving dinner, instead of breakfast, and we had 77 attendees,” Vogt said. “Not bad, for a game night.” …read on!


Rallying for more Mentors

Each year since its start in 2005, the Calvert County Mentoring Partnership has held a breakfast event inviting more community members to become mentors for young people. This year, the group is switching from a casual breakfast to an evening rally, past chairwoman and current member Lorraine Joyner said.

“While we’ve been successful in getting the word out, we also want to say we’ve increased our mentors in the county,” Joyner said. “Right now at this point we can’t say we’ve done that. So it’s kind of been a mixed success. We feel like we can probably do more.”

The mentoring partnership is a working committee that includes representatives from a variety of local nonprofits, public agencies and private citizens that meets monthly to discuss the benefits and impact of mentoring on youth and to develop strategies to provide additional mentoring opportunities, according to the Calvert County Web page for the group.

Joyner called the current state of the group “a loose-knit coalition” because most of its members, from 18 different community nonprofit and government agencies, balance their volunteerism with full-time jobs.

“A lot of people can’t take the time off work,” she said.

That is another reason this year’s sixth annual mentoring rally will take place from 5 to 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 23 at Greater Mount Zion Church, located on German Chapel Road in Prince Frederick…. read on!


Circle of Angels Launch Party

The Circle of Angels Initiative Inc. will hold its annual launch party from 12:30 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 18, at the Calvert Library Prince Frederick. Members of the community are invited to join the volunteer organization, a faith-based community started in 1999 to advocate policy initiatives that eliminate poverty and prevent risky behaviors like chemical addiction, bullying, domestic violence and self-destructive behaviors.

Attendees will enjoy free food and hot cider as they learn about programs that promote family help, youth mentoring and networking. Family programs include Calvert food pantries, Commission for Women, Calvert Crisis Intervention, League of Women Voters, Daughters of Abraham Luke 13:10-17, HELP Association (Northern Calvert County), Housing for All Coalition, In God’s Care Inc., Lethality Assessment Program, Mutual Aid Housing, SMARTCO and SMILE (Southern Calvert County). Youth and networking programs include South County Assistance Network of Anne Arundel County, Calvert Crusade for Children & Youth, Calvert Mentoring Partnership, Southern Maryland Celtic Society, Southern Maryland Action Coalition, Web For All, Women Moving Forward Conference, Women of the World Conference, World War II Day, World War II Unit, Living History Association and USO Night.


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