Mutual Aid Housing

PRISM Meeting

Public Witness & Action Meeting

Join with us in taking on:

The scourge of home foreclosures
Long-term jobs and transportation
Repairing a broken immigration system
Ensuring public safety in all our communities

Time: 4 to 5:30 PM
Union Bethel A.M.E. Church
Rev. Dr. Harry L. Seawright, Pastor
6810 Floral Park Road
Brandywine, MD 20613

October 9 Public Meeting Flyer
Invited: Prince George’s & Calvert County area elected officials (County Executive Rushern Baker*; Chief of Police Mark Magaw*; Fire Chief Mark Bashoor*; Bank of America Regional Vice President; US Representatives Steny Hoyer & Donna Edwards)  * committed to attend as of 9/23

Southern Maryland Action Coalition serves Calvert, Charles, and St Mary’s Counties.
Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland serves Prince George’s and other counties.

We hope to create a state wide organization called Partnership for Renewal in the State of Maryland (PRISM).
Please publicize this meeting widely. Our voice only becomes stronger, as more people attend.

For more information contact:
Christina Gonzales                                           or Roseanna Vogt           
(301) 787-2756                                                 410-257-5488

SMAC FORECLOSURE SURVEY: The survey answers are important to us:
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St. Francis of Assisi Cat Rescue Inc

Dozens of cats left homeless An eviction of a home with a private cat sanctuary, carried out by the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday, has left at least 46 cats without a home.   The sanctuary, St. Francis of Assisi Cat Sanctuary Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on Back Creek Road in Dowell, was started 14 years ago when Jean Michaud first moved to the property. But a recent foreclosure on her home, which she and those trying to help her have called illegal as a result of banks signing forged documents, finally resulted in a court-ordered eviction Wednesdsay morning, despite several attempts to issue a stay of eviction and a federal civil lawsuit she has brought against the banks.   “They’re rounding up the cats and the cats are screaming,” said Roseanna Vogt of Circle of Angels Inc., an organization that fights illegal foreclosures against older and disabled individuals. She has worked closely with Michaud for months now and called Wednesday’s eviction “illegal.”

Article:  Dozens of cats left homeless
Date: July 15,2011
Via:  Calvert Recorder

Eviction could leave cats homeless An eviction case has many local officials concerned about what will happen to a cat sanctuary kept on a Dowell woman’s property after she is removed from the home.   Jean Michaud has been fighting to stay in her home for more than a year now, battling what she calls an illegal foreclosure case that she says came about as a result of banks signing forged documents, filing for bankruptcy to issue a stay of eviction and now bringing a federal civil lawsuit against the banks. On Monday, yet another eviction attempt was scheduled, but another bankruptcy filing put an end to it. However, Calvert County Sheriff Mike Evans maintains the eviction will eventually occur, and that leaves the sheriff’s office and its animal control unit in a serious predicament. Michaud said she believes she has about 200 cats now in her privately-owned 501(c)(3) nonprofit sanctuary, living both indoors and outdoors on her waterfront property. She started the sanctuary 14 years ago when she moved in but has been caring for abandoned cats for 40 years, she said, taking in cats that are abused, blind or crippled, spaying and neutering them and ear-tipping them.

Article: Eviction could leave cats homeless
Date: June 8,2011
Via: Calvert Recorder

Future uncertain for 80 cats because of foreclosure SOLOMONS ISLAND, Md. (WUSA) —  Pumpkin, an orange cat, circles around Jean Michaud’s legs. The orange cat is one of about 80 cats living in a shed next to Michaud’s foreclosed house. “These guys are my guys and I’ve been taking care of them for years and years. And I’m devastated.” Michaud is fighting to keep her house that has been sold as a foreclosure. The legal battle has forced her family to file for bankruptcy, she says. Roseanne Vogt from Circle of Angels Initiative, a faith-based community group, is helping Michaud and her husband. Vogt says Michaud and her husband had to close their business and thus faced a smaller income. In the process of trying to get their house loans modified, the house was foreclosed, she says.

Article: Future uncertain for 80 cats because of foreclosure
Date: June 6,2011
Video: Future Uncertain For 80 Cats Because Of Foreclosure
Via: WUSA Channel 9 News

Working to keep people in their homes

More and more foreclosure cases began to rise to the forefront of media attention starting last fall when it became apparent that some loan companies have not been following proper procedures in executing civil foreclosures on homeowners who defaulted on their mortgage loans due to non-payment.

Suddenly new terms like “illegal foreclosures” and “robo signers” were cropping up in news headlines, and more policy and advocacy groups have taken notice. Faith-based organization Circle of Angels Initiative, based in Friendship, recently developed a public policy initiative called Mutual Aid Housing to help with this growing problem.

While Mutual Aid Housing has other focuses to help people work their way out of poverty, one of its main objectives is advocating for legislation in foreclosure defense, according to the group’s website, With 11 million foreclosures in the works and 44 million anticipated, the Circle is taking a nationwide approach to bring all the involved parties to the table and work together on a solution…. read on!


Our Mission…
“We befriend the lost, bring our strengths to initiatives, promote solutions, work to empower people, mentor in community initiatives and entrepreneurship and always ROAR (Resources Or Aid Referral).”
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