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Southern Maryland Action Coalition (S.M.A.C.) primarily serves Calvert, Charles, and St Mary’s Counties. Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland (PRISCM) serves Prince George’s and other counties.

We are founding members of a state wide organization called Partnership for Renewal in the State of Maryland (PRISM).

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The Circle of Angels Initiative, Inc. works in policy and advocacy with a team of people and organizations in mutual aid housing.

We forcefully advocate that  American law cannot allow property seizures based on backdated, incomplete, or fraudulent documentation, no matter what the circumstances are. Otherwise, no one’s home is safe.

The right to deprive people of their property, especially their home, is a powerful one and banks have to prove they have the legal standing to do so.

We are working with faith based organizations including Southern Maryland Action Coalition (SMAC) and Partnership for Renewal in Southern and Central Maryland (PRISCM) to turn the tide of the tsunami of foreclosures.

The term we use for this work is foreclosure defense and the work in this area is one of the Circle’s projects under the title: affordable housing: mutual aid housing.

We are working to keep people, especially the most vulnerable among us, in their homes.

The Circle was an early advocate, beginning in 2003, for the 2008 changes which are explained below and which we are working to make sure are properly administered.

In 2008, the Maryland legislature enacted significant and comprehensive changes to statutes and changed Maryland Rules governing foreclosures with the stated intent of affording Maryland consumers and homeowners more protections and notice.   The Circle and others on our team believe the lending institutions’ reaction to these changes was simply to expand their production line of fabricated and counterfeit affidavits and to file more fabricated and counterfeit affidavits in each foreclosure case.

To produce as many fabricated documents in the shortest possible time, the foreclosing parties required their employees to sign as many as 350 documents in an hour with their employer’s signature  and further to require employees, who were notaries, to authenticate documents that failed to identify the person who had actually executed the documents.  Simply put, they adopted a robo-signer methodology and their law firm staff became robo-notaries.  We allege that when that system failed to produce enough profits, they required their employees to fabricate notaries’ signatures and use notary seals.  In other words, they took people’s homes and disrupted people’s lives on foreclosure prosecution misconduct.

The Circle as part of a team of caring citizens is working in foreclosure defense, attempting to bring this misconduct to public and court attention.  Recent media attention shines a bright light on this misconduct.

Our Mission…
“We befriend the lost, bring our strengths to initiatives, promote solutions, work to empower people, mentor in community initiatives and entrepreneurship and always ROAR (Resources Or Aid Referral).”
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